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Cubs Room

Baby Room (3 months – 2 years)

This room caters for our babies and toddlers aged 3 months – 2 years. This is a cosy room with a capacity for 9 children. The ratio for is 1:3 staff at any time.

We have a wide range of toys for our under 2’s following the children’s routine from home to nursery providing our home-from-home environment.

Our baby room is brightly coloured having murals on the walls to stimulate the young babies. Everything in the baby room is brightly coloured so it is appealing. We have activities from rattles, push and pull toys, puzzles, shape sorters, touch and feel books to small construction. As the children grow the activities within the room grow with them. We have construction, farm animals, puppets and the ‘box that rocks’ which they love. We do a wide range of art activities from sand, water play to painting, chalking, play dough, malleable play, baked bean play, shaving foam, cornflour plus lots more. As well as imaginative play, creative play and cognitive play.

Throughout the day we separate the children for the staff to encourage the children to crawl, walk and express themselves freely.
The children and staff sign to each other throughout the day; we have found this has encouraged the children’s development in many


ways. In this we mean it has developed the children to communicate their needs to us at an early age, developed the children to speak and sign early, which leads them to become less frustrated as they are able to communicate their needs instead of us thinking it could be something else that is wrong. They are stringing more words together early as well as communicating to one another.

When the children are in the baby room the parents are provided with a daily report of the child’s day at Best Friends Childcare Centre. This records what, when, how much each child has eaten, sleep times, bottle times, nappy changes and what activities and achievements they have done.

A member of staff will go through the daily report with the parents when they come to collect their child/children. If any questions are asked the staff are on hand to answer them straight away.

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